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FPS Flooring & Wall Cladding Services

FPS offer a vast selection of flooring solutions to multiple sectors, including education, healthcare, hospitality and retail. Our service includes sub-floor preparation and we work with the UK and Europe’s leading flooring manufacturers. Our professional supply and fit service includes but is not limited to:

Yorkshire Flooring Services


Popular for low traffic areas such as bedrooms, softwoods such as pine are generally thought to be a more sustainable flooring option. The trees are easier to replenish as they grow faster than hardwoods such as oak.  With good maintenance and care, softwood can last up to 60 years.

Reclaimed Timber Flooring

Salvaged from interesting old buildings such as mills, reclaimed flooring is a superb, creative option for bars and restaurants looking to inject character into a space.

Depending on your environment, we can configure reclaimed flooring with either a modern or a traditional finish.

Patterns, Panels and Marquetry

A great design choice, we supply and fit a comprehensive range of panelled and patterned flooring. From the ever popular parquet flooring to bespoke designer panels.

Boards Planks and Strips

Straight cut wood flooring, referred to as ‘strips’ is a popular choice with our discerning clients. A fantastic design option for large commercial spaces.

Leather Flooring

We supply and fit luxury leather flooring. Our skilled team of technicians will install, clean and prepare the floor ready for use.

Sprung floors for Sports Applications

Our non-slip, durable sprung flooring is perfect for gymnasiums, dance studios, squash or tennis courts.

Spas, Gymnasium, Sports Hall & Health Centre Options

Your sports floor must be durable, safe and ideally, recyclable. We can advise, supply and fit the best flooring solution for your business.


Carpets to match performance requirements. We supply and fit hard-working carpeting to match an environment, be that a pub, a hotel or a student-let.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring gives a fantastic opportunity to impress. With countless choices of finish, vinyl flooring offers great aesthetics and a low slip risk solution to your flooring requirements. It is also easily cleaned and hygienic.

Vinyl Wall Cladding

Easily installed over existing walls, vinyl wall cladding offers a cleaner, more hygienic working environment for healthcare settings such as GP surgeries, hospitals and care homes. Hygienic wall cladding can save your business time and money while improving hygiene standards in your working space.


Matting serves a range of purposes, from cleaning what passes over them, to protecting what lies beneath them. Whatever your matting needs, we aim to supply the perfect solution.

Stair Edge and Trim

Stair edgings (stair nosings) are designed to reduce accidents on stairs by defining the edges of the steps. Trims will protect the edges of carpets from becoming damaged, preventing them from curling up and becoming a trip hazard.

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